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"Let your Soul Sound Illuminate your True Colours"


When I pick up my drum there are channeled songs that I am guided to share.

Why? I don't know at that time but the answer might come later.

I trust!

Love & Joy, Dana

To receive the essence of the Channeled songs, allow yourself to connect to the chants, light language and sound of the song.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to go on a Journey within . . . . .

(head phones recommended)

This morning when I enjoyed my morning coffee I listened to this song I recorded last week. Felt to share :)

June 13, 2019

This morning, a few days before the full moon, this song and light language came through. Strong feeling to share, so many emotions are felt by ones who do and don't understand. May this help you to shed some emotions and believes no longer needed. Come out stronger and ready to move forward in this special time of change.

Much love, Dana

January 2019

Sometimes you have the feeling for a while to do something but don't take the time. Well, I felt for a while to pick up my flute . . .

so I finally did. This happy tune came through . . . . so I thought I'll share. :)

November 2015

Peace Within . . . . . October 2015

For You . . . . . September 2015

Song from Mother Earth . . . . . May 2015